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This list is updated regularly, but please email post (at) sibegg (dot) com to confirm your order before sending payment.


UK orders
6 incl p&p

Europe orders
7.50 incl p&p

USA / Asia
9 incl p&p

UK cheque payable to Simon Begg
WELL hidden cash (UK GBP)
send to NOODLES, P.O.BOX 32098, LONDON, NW1 7WE, UK

PAYPAL to paypal (at) sibegg (dot) com


12" vinyl

NOODJNT1 si begg : Jetlag and Tinnitus Pt1 (noodles) linkt to MP3s / microsite-->

NOODJNT2 si begg : Jetlag and Tinnitus Pt2 (noodles) linkt to MP3s / microsite-->

Every sleeve hand customized, signed and numbered by Si Begg. *EXCLUSIVE* to

NOODRAD1 si begg : peel session 003 (noodles) MP3 / microsite-->

cabbage boy : the lost tapes vol1- 6 track EP (noodles) MP3 preview-->

Osymyso / Si Begg / kIRk : the fourth paper (noodles institute of technology) MP3 preview-->

Lamb-Gabriel (si begg rmx) / Bolz Bolz-Take a Walk (si begg rmx) (noodles) MP3 preview-->

NOODJ005 noodles discotheque volume 5
[rep 308, Si Begg, photon wallet, osymyso, pH , culture cruncher ]

NOODJ004 noodles discotheque volume 4
[Ukaiseiji + MC Gebo, Kid Whatever, Si Begg, ryo co, cabbage head, correctional facilites (aka tipper) ]

NOODJ003 noodles discotheque volume 3
[cheapo card company, vincent radar, the user, mad nomad, t-power, lenny 'stylus' logan, culture cruncher]

NOODJ002 noodles discotheque volume 2
[zygmunt janowski, culture cruncher, si begg, little nobody, cabbage head, beam up, ryo co]

NOODJ001 noodles discotheque volume 1
[culture cruncher, tanzmuzik, cursor miner, si begg, cabbage head] MP3 preview-->

NR1 culture cruncher - destinies boots - 2 tracks of booty fun ft destinies child

NR3 culture cruncher - bad horses and other stories from the jackson files

BOWWOW1 buckfunk 3000 - too much booty - 2 brand new tracks + a remix by product 01 (Bow Wow)MP3 preview-->

BOWWOW2 product_01 - i like it loud - 3 tracks + si begg remix (Bow Wow)

MSQ022 mark hawkins : holidays in the sun EP includes michael forshaw rmx (mosquito) MP3 preview-->

MSQ023 tim exile : hanzo steel cuts EP (mosquito) more info


12" vinyl

allow 28 days for delivery

Thank you for your interest!